• Tanweer Dar

Don't Look Up, The Forgotten Climate Crisis

You could be forgiven for thinking that the Climate Crisis is no longer happening, given the scant attention it has received in recent months. Indeed, it is telling that the most significant coverage it has gained of late has been the angry criticism directed at climate activists. The mainstream media has been more interested in demonising the Extinction Rebellion and Tyre Extinguishers than it has at explaining exactly how serious the situation is that we are all facing.

Mehdi Hassan recently did a mashup between the fictional film Don't Look Up and a real life interview on Good Morning Britain. The similarities were as staggering as they were disturbing.

There is almost a sense that the existential nature of the crisis we (and I re-emphasise the collective we) are facing is one, not being appreciated and two, being relegated behind the interests of power and profit.

In my published essay, The Crimes of Capitalism, which is almost six years old now, I examine how capitalism commodifies everything and how it is responsible for environmental disaster. It appears that it is also willing to attack those who ring the alarm bells and who are actively trying to save the planet, too.

It may already be too late to avert the worst catastrophes, from sea level rises to crop failures to food shortages to mass climate refugee crises. That politicians are too busy waving flags , the press is too busy mocking anyone who makes a stand, and billionaires are too busy trying to send their rich friends to the stars, does not bode well for how we as a species face this unprecedented challenge.

If people think climate activism is disruptive, wait until they witness the disruption caused by climate catastrophe...

We can only hope that the rational, scientifically-backed voices grow loud enough and potent enough to move us all to more haste in action.

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