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Flash fiction (very short story)

© 2023, Tanweer Dar

"But it's not possible," he maintained, the adamancy in his voice tempered by the slightest tremor of doubt.

"Well clearly it is possible Professor, because it's happening!" the younger woman standing beside him explained.

The older man shook his head in disbelief as he came away from the microscope. His face betrayed uncharacteristic levels of emotion. He turned to look at his colleague, who seemed to be both more willing to accept the findings as well as process them without the anxiety which seemed to be consuming him.

"This is the only sample," she added, as if reading his thoughts. "There is no danger."

The door to the lab burst open violently, causing both the Professor and his colleague to jump.

The young man was out of breath, his glasses tilted on his face as his hands went to his knees and he doubled over.

"Have..." he huffed, "...have you seen the news?"

The Professor fumbled inside the pockets of his lab coat, eventually pulling out his phone. The three scientists huddled around the small screen. Their jaws dropped almost simultaneously...

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