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Flash fiction (very short story)

© 2023, Tanweer Dar

The audience brimmed with excitement as lights suddenly illuminated the dark stage. All of the gear was there. But where was the band?

Murmuring slipped into silence as an eerie feeling descended on the venue.

Slowly, a strange sound began to emerge from the empty stage. Keen eyed members of the audience noticed the sticks tapping on the cymbals, the keys on the keyboard depressing, the strings on the guitars and bass moving ever so slightly...

The uncanny, and somewhat jarring, noise soon began to flow into something more melodic. The more devoted fans in the crowd recognising the song coming to life.

A disembodied voice, ethereal, haunting, arose from the stage.

The band, Ghosts, were still nowhere to be seen. But the title track from their self-named first album now resounded through the building.

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