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What does 'Pro-Life' really mean?

The Supreme Court of the United States overturning Roe vs Wade is big news, and has even bigger implications (not just for the US and not just for women). The decision has been met with vastly different reactions. Those who call themselves Pro-Life have celebrated the verdict and its consequences. But what does Pro-Life really mean?

It is certainly noteworthy that those who place themselves squarely in the Pro-Life camp are also some of the most vociferous supporters of the death penalty as well as of unrestricted access to the ownership and carrying of firearms. Many are also highly averse to material support being given to struggling families. To say that they are operating with significant levels of cognitive dissonance would be an understatement.

There is, of course, outright hypocrisy at work also. On both sides of the political divide in the US, many among both Republicans and Democrats seem perfectly happy to kill babies and children in other countries - be that through direct military intervention or economic sanctions (which almost always end up denying some of the poorest people access to food and medicines).

Returning to children in the US itself, the Pro-Life movement really does only seem to care about their rights when they're inside the womb. What happens to them after they are born seems to be ignored entirely. Be that the increasing level of brutality they face from society (including the police who are allegedly supposed to protect them) or the enormous debt they are saddled with for pursuing an education and try to improve their lot, some of the most ardent Pro-Lifers seem hell-bent on making the lives of American children as arduous and tormented as possible.

The prospect of more hard-won rights being lost in the wake of this decision is also deeply concerning. And it should not be lost on anyone that if more rights are eroded, the only consequence will be human suffering.

Pro-Life sounds lovely. In reality, however, it appears to be the epithet for some of the most hypocritical and inhumane thinking on Earth.

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